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Town of McCandless Projects

Current & Past Projects in which Deawna Alfonsi is Involved

Library Outreach Event for Steering Comm

Community Outreach Events

Spearheaded by Deawna Alfonsi to obtain more feedback from residents for 10 Year Plan.

Spring 2018

While serving on the Steering Committee for the Town of McCandless' 10 Year Plan, I wanted to create additional ways (aside from the online survey and Open House events) to obtain feedback from our residents to be factored into the formation of the Town plan.  I envisioned us going to the people to ask them directly for their input.  My vision along with the support of various other committee members, the Northland Public Library and Whole Foods enabled us to do just that.  We were able to gain additional input to find out what people liked about McCandless and what they wanted to improve.  Doing this helped broaden our plan to incorporate more voices in our community in this planning process.

Steering Commitee Member for the Implementable Comprehensive Plan

10 Year Plan for the Town of McCandless

September 2017 - Present

The Town of McCandless is now embarking on its Implementable Comprehensive Plan process required about every 10 years. A key element in this process is the creation of a Steering Committee comprised of Town Officials and residents whose primary role is to give the consulting team guidance throughout the planning process, regularly report its activity to the Town Planning Commission and periodically to Town Council which ultimately approves the Comprehensive Plan.  Projects include a potential community center, plans for walking and full-service trails, recommendations to revive abandoned properties, create an Activities Committee, form a Technology Committee and much more.

ToM environment.jpg

Environmental Advisory Committee Member

September 2018 - Present

This committee helps develop and recommend policies and programs to Town Council to preserve and enhance aspects of the Town’s character, and address environmental issues in the Town.
The committee consists of seven members who are Town residents appointed by Town Council serving a staggered four-year term, plus one Council member who serves as liaison to Council.
Current projects include pursuing the PA Sustainability Certification, Spring & Fall Roadside Cleanup Events, Tree Revitalization, assisting in the Girty's Run Watershed Improvement Project, creating Cub Scout service projects, planning a Tick & Lyme Disease campaign and MUCH more.  This is a very active committee that has made significant, positive environmental impacts in the town.

Fitness Court

New installation of an outdoor bodyweight circuit-training system


July 2018 - present

Given my background in the fitness industry of 20+ years, I was asked to screen a potential opportunity for the Town of McCandless involving the National Fitness Campaign (aka NFC) to build an modernized outdoor fitness court (including an optional corresponding workout app).  I did just that and was excited for the potential.  I gave my recommendation to pursue it further and the Town Council agreed.  Our Town applied for and is receiving a grant for this project.  We are currently seeking additional sponsorships to fund the remainder of this project.  I am on the team as a McCandless Fitness Business Owner to help see the project through to completion.  Once installed, I look forward to helping plan community events to kick off this new addition. 

Where:  Town Hall Recreation Complex next to soccer fields (sometimes referred to as Devlin Park)

cub scout.jpg

Cub Scout Service Campaign

The Bathouse Project

October 2018 - present

My son is in the Cub Scouts and loves it.  Upon becoming a member of the Environmental Advisory Committee (aka EAC), my son's den leader asked if there was any way the Cub Scouts could work with the EAC for their Annual Service Project.  I LOVED this idea and brought it to the EAC.  They agreed and I was given the go-ahead to create and implement this project with their support.  With the help of our in-house and outside experts, we are now working with the entire Cub Scout Pack to build and hang bat houses throughout McCandless.  By doing this our Scouts will be improving the environment by helping the bats come back from a nose fungus that reduced the population a few years back and help keep our insect population under control.  

Click to Learn Why Bats Matter

Tick Awareness Campaign

Spring 2019 Campaign to reduce the effects of tick, lyme disease & deer overpopulation

Jan 2019 - Present

This project is very much in its beginning stages.  Upon coming onto the Environmental Advisory Committee, I had been concerned about the growing effects of ticks, Lyme disease and deer overpopulation.  I am currently obtaining education and expert input on these topics with the goal of creating an action-oriented campaign for the Spring of 2019 to counteract these effects.  If you have input to offer, please feel free to send a message while we're still in the development stages of this project.  Stay tuned for more to come!


Recyclable Art Show

Dec 2018 - Present

This project is in its beginning stages.  The goal is to host a Recyclable Art Show or Display at a Town event or at an organization/institution's event within the Town of McCandless.  We'd like to invite students and town residents to submit their own recyclable art.  Research efforts and initial contacts are being made to flesh out this vision and make it a reality in 2019.  Feel free to send a message with your input while this project is in its early development stages.  Stay tuned for more to come!

Proposal for Technology Advisory Committee

September 2017 - Present

When reviewing the 2005 Comprehensive Plan, I found the plan to be very detailed and impressive.  At the same time, I was struck by the fact that there was no mention of Technology.  In this day and age, with the current pace of technology development, it is really important that any Town takes this into consideration when planning for development.  Issues such as cybersecurity, tech education, bridge programs to help those who are not comfortable, cost of evolving technology, digital communications with citizens and businesses, and much more need to be considered--not after the fact, but before.  I have a vision for the Town to have a Technology Advisory Committee.  With the support of Northland Library and the NA School District, I have proposed this to the Steering Committee which has approved providing a recommendation in the final plan to Town Council to form such a committee.  I am currently awaiting to be scheduled to present at an upcoming Town Council Meeting.  Stay tuned as this unfolds.