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About Deawna Alfonsi

Candidate for McCandless Town Council, Ward 3

I moved into the Town of McCandless at 9 years old where I graduated from the North Allegheny School District with High Honors before graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Carlow Univeristy.  Fast forward to today, my husband and I now live in McCandless where we are raising our 3 children who attend schools (one is entering Kindergarten) in the N.A. School District.  In addition to rooting my family life here in McCandless, I’m a small business owner in McCandless as well.  You may have seen my business' booth (D-Fit by Deawna), or even watched our flash mob, at some previous McCandless Community Day events.

Over the last several years I have been deeply involved in serving the Town through the Steering Committee for the formation of the Implementable Comprehensive Plan (aka 10 year plan) and the Environmental Advisory Committee.  My work on these committees has been deeply rewarding, and now I want to take my service to another level by serving on Town Council. 

As a mom, I understand the challenges that our modern families face.  I know first-hand how extremely BUSY family life is, and how participating in local government can easily fall by the wayside.  This is why I want to increase the opportunities for our communities to participate in local government.  I believe in bringing the government to the people, and we have the capability to do that now more than ever.  

As a business owner since 2007, I've been through the high's and low's of running a business.  I've overcome many adversities and challenges in my journey.  Along the way I've found a way to  transcend extremely rough times to create a more agile business model that enabled my business to survive and grow.  This has given me the grit to be flexible, adaptable and resourceful.  I want to use this experience to build more support and resources for the businesses in our community as well.

As a candidate, and thereby a potential future elected official, I see myself as someone with the deep desire to represent ALL of the people in our community--not just the ones who voted for me--not just the ones who are registered in the same party I am--but ALL.  That being said, I am a registered Democrat running on the Democratic ballot.  However, up until a few years ago, I had been an Independent.  I held the belief, and still do, that the best candidate is the one that should be elected.  At the same time, I wanted to more fully participate in our political process.  In the state of Pennsylvania, one has to register in a political party to vote in the Primary.  For this reason, I registered as a Democrat so I could have more of a voice.  Since then, I have felt welcomed and empowered, and have chosen to keep my registration as a Democrat.  However, I hold the extremely strong conviction that an elected official's job should be a NON-partisan one.  I take pride in my traits of being impartial, hearing all sides, seeking the truth and being measured in the conclusions I draw.  I'm not afraid of views that differ from my own.  In fact, I welcome them and am often energized by them.  Through my work on the various Town of McCandless committees thus far, I have LOVED collaborating with people of different views and backgrounds to get projects done, and I would love to have the opportunity to do more of that.

The bottom line is I see myself compelled to run for council not because I’m a single issue person, but because I want to build on the wonderful foundation that has made this Town what it is while moving us forward so that we continue to thrive and grow as a community.

My desire is to connect with you, know your desires, visions and goals for you and your family in this community, and serve to elevate your voice in the development and future of our Town.


Click above to see current and past projects in which I am involved.  I'm doing these as a citizen volunteering my time and efforts.  However, if elected to Town Council, I would be able to help much more.

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- Maya Angelou